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Welcome to 


Helman Mkhalele School Sports League 

We are proud to announce the Annual Helman Mkhalele School Sports League to empower our Youth through Sports and education.

The League will first be contested within the Amajuba District Municipality in KwaZulu Natal, with the aim of growing Nationally

Helman Mkhalele is the founder of The Helman Mkhalele Sports Education For Purpose 
Non Profit Organization which gave birth to the Helman Mkhalele School Sports League.
His aim is to create a platform that will improve Sports Development and Empower Youth 
in South Africa with Knowledge and Opportunties in balancing Sports, Education and Healthy

Impact of Sports and Education on our Youth 

The Helman Mkhalele School Sports League aims to Utilize the combination of Sports and Education as a catalyst to Empowerthe Youth with Opportunities while Promoting the Importance of Good Mental & Physical Health.  


Sports and Education play a vital role in building a solid foundation Being active in Sports has Psychological, Physical and Social Benefits, these will encourage Healthy Lifestyle for our Future Leaders and Champions. 


By Creating a Safe and Competitive Environment the Helman Mkhalele School Sports League will be Exposing the youth to future opportunities In & Off the Field.

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Psychological Benefits

Participating in Sports Improves Physical & Moral Qualities, 
Reduces Stress and Depression, Builds Leadership skills and 
Vital Life Skills

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Physical Health Benefits

Improves Physical Development, Improves Cardiovascular
reducing the risk of Diseases and Controlling Body Weight

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Social Benefits

Increasing Confidence and Self Esteem, Improves Concentration
which improves Academic Results.

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